Lawyering Upward

The experienced attorneys and legal teams at Fulcher Hagler LLP are committed to and passionate about providing the highest-quality legal services in the greater Augusta, Georgia area. From civil litigation and strategic tax, business, and estate planning to real estate and employment law, we have been helping our clients succeed for more than 75 years.

Corporate & Business Law

Fulcher Hagler LLP provides strategic and legal counsel for numerous and varied commercial enterprises.

Civil Litigation

Litigation can cause serious problems for any business. Even a small dispute can escalate into protracted litigation. Fulcher Hagler’s experienced litigators can help protect your business.

Commercial Real Estate

The Firm’s real estate team can assist with almost any commercial real estate transaction, from small purchases to more complex deals, including owner and lender title insurance.

Tax Law & Personal Asset Protection

Fulcher Hagler’s tax and planning attorneys have the specialized credentials and experience necessary to assist almost any business, family, or individual with their tax and asset planning needs.

Estate Planning & Probate

Fulcher Hagler LLP's estate planning lawyers shepherd clients through the estate planning and probate process including, where necessary, probate litigation...


Fulcher Hagler LLP's attorneys serve as general counsel and trial counsel to local governments, development authorities, public boards...

Insurance Defense Litigation

Fulcher Hagler’s litigation team has a broad civil defense practice that includes premises liability, motor vehicle litigation, trucking litigation, construction litigation, insurance coverage disputes, and professional liability defense. Our litigators defend insurers and their policyholders in suits in both state and federal courts in Georgia and South Carolina at the trial and appellate levels.

Employment Law

In the current environment of ever-changing and emerging employment laws, Fulcher Hagler LLP is prepared to assist employers with any and all needs in this arena. We handle every stage of employment law, beginning with documentation to help prevent claims, then investigation when a complaint is lodged, and finally litigation when a claim or lawsuit actually arises.

Ralph J. D’Agostino III

Ralph D’Agostino embarked on a dynamic career journey characterized by his unwavering commitment to justice and equity. As a former Division I lacrosse player turned legal luminary, Ralph's path has evolved to encompass diverse legal domains, from class action advocacy to business, tax, and estate planning.

Alexander S. Merrill

Alex Merrill is a dedicated attorney, whether in the civil or criminal arena. The driving force behind his practice is his commitment to protecting the rights and livelihoods of his clients and being a constant student of the law. He regularly works alongside local governments regarding their ordinances and policies and defends them against litigation. He handles contract and property damage disputes arising from construction, leases, motor vehicle accidents, and more. He also has a background in criminal defense, which equips him to address matters ranging from traffic offenses to felonies.

Russell V. Mobley

Russell V. Mobley began his career as a Certified Public Accountant before bringing his extensive accounting and tax knowledge to the firm in 1996. His experience and detailed work ethic allowed Mr. Mobley to quickly become an integral part of the firm's transactional practice. In 1999, Mr. Mobley became a partner with the Tax Team.

Kyle B. Waddell

Kyle Waddell is a partner on Fulcher Hagler’s litigation team, representing individuals and businesses in personal injury lawsuits and commercial disputes. Kyle approaches every client with the sincere desire to understand their needs and guide them through the often-unfamiliar litigation process. Kyle takes pride in preparing cases to be tried—or argued on appeal if necessary—while remaining alert to any opportunity to resolve a case favorably. This requires simultaneous attention to detail and big-picture thinking.