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Affordable Care Act Article

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Employment Law

As deadlines are fast approaching for employers affected by the Affordable Care Act, Fulcher Hagler LLP has offered a series of seminars covering the Act’s reach and requirements.  Jim Allen, of our Employment Law Group, began conducting breakfast seminars for local employers in January 2013 addressing the issue of “Can I Afford the Affordable Care Act”.  Since January, Jim has continued to present workshops on the Affordable Care Act to various employers, client groups, and recently conducted a joint seminar with a local CPA firm.  As the Affordable Care Act continues to unfold new challenges to employers, additional workshops and seminars are planned for the coming months.

The Affordable Care Act is a major change for employers, imposing penalties and requirements far beyond the historic reach of employment law.  In addition to a unique definition of “full-time employee”, the Act includes multiple requirements as to time calculation and measurement periods, as well as rules regarding variable hour and seasonal employees.  The Act is being enforced by HUD and the IRS and becomes fully effective January 2, 2014, but employers must make decisions now which, under the “look back” provisions of the law, will directly impact the employer’s rights in the future.

As with all employment laws; preparation is key to protecting your rights and avoiding penalties.  Please call us at Fulcher Hagler LLP if we can be of any assistance as you prepare for the Affordable Care Act.