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Unique challenges of selling a church building

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are looking to downsize or move into a bigger space, selling your Georgia church building may seem like a simple task.

Unfortunately, a church building sale is much more complicated and requires extensive planning. Here are some unique challenges you may face when selling your church building.

1. Finding a buyer

Even if you have Georgia’s finest church building, the quality of your real estate has no real value without the presence of a buyer who is ready to make such a sizable investment. Few people are in the market for church-sized buildings, so finding a buyer may take time.

2. Following the bylaws

As you prepare to sell your church, you should remain mindful of the organization’s bylaws, which may complicate your sale. You will need to find out if approval from your denomination is necessary to sell the church property and whether your congregation members need to vote on the sale.

3. Proving ownership

If your church has been around for many years, you may have a tough time proving who owns the property. Older churches may lack adequate legal documentation, which can present a problem when you sell.

4. Timing

Selling a church is tricky when your purchase of a new property is contingent upon the sale of your old one. The sale terms should allow enough time for a smooth transition between properties. You may want to try for a post-possession agreement with your buyer to help you achieve this.

5. Going in blind

Due to the complicated nature of church sales, going into the process without adequate information and guidance may prove detrimental to your efforts.

If selling your church property is the next step for your congregation, you should pay special attention to these unique challenges as you prepare to sell.