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Efficient Solutions For Business Disputes

Litigation is a significant cost for any business. Even a seemingly small dispute can escalate into protracted litigation. With the cost of attorney fees, court costs, expert witnesses and other litigation costs, it is critical for any business to partner with an experienced legal team that knows how to resolve conflicts favorably and efficiently. There is too much at stake for businesses to be cavalier with their dispute resolution strategies.

At Fulcher Hagler LLP, our attorneys have been representing businesses in a range of litigation matters for nearly 75 years. Our law firm is an institution in Augusta, and we represent businesses throughout Georgia and South Carolina. Our attorneys understand the potential for financial catastrophe in any litigation situation, so we focus on resolving our clients’ conflicts out of court whenever possible. And when a trial cannot be avoided, we use our knowledge and experience to obtain swift courtroom victories for our clients.

Litigation Practice Areas

Our team of lawyers handles a wide range of litigation matters for businesses, including:

  • Personal injury defense: Businesses of all kinds face constant exposure to injury claims, including product liability, premises liability and vehicle accident claims. Our lawyers provide strong defense for local businesses against all types of injury claims, including defense of railroad operations. We have extensive injury claim trial experience, so our lawyers know how to identify our clients’ legal options and obtain results.
  • Medical malpractice: Our attorneys provide strong defense for doctors, hospitals and everyone in the medical profession. Medical malpractice claims are extremely complicated, both legally and scientifically, and our attorneys have the knowledge and experience – as well as a track record of successful defense against these claims – to get favorable results.
  • Professional liability defense: When your professional license is being challenged and you need to face your professional board for a license defense, you can trust our lawyers to walk you through the administrative process to make sure you get the results you need.

In all of these business dispute matters, we find that it is almost always advantageous to find solutions outside of the courtroom to save time and financial expenses. At Fulcher Hagler LLP, we frequently represent clients in alternative methods of dispute resolution.

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Attorneys Practicing In Litigation:

Samuel J. Adams
Robert C. Hagler
James W. Purcell
Mark C. Wilby
Scott W. Kelly
Elizabeth A. McLeod
Sonja R. Tate
Michael N. Loebl
Kyle B. Waddell
P. Kyle Perry