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Strong Defense Against Personal Injury Lawsuits

A personal injury lawsuit is a potentially costly event that must be handled with care. The attorneys at Fulcher Hagler LLP have significant experience defending against personal injury claims on behalf of businesses in Georgia and South Carolina. Our attorneys will work with you closely to help you explore legal defense strategies designed to protect the future of your business.

Finding The Best Defense

We can defend your business against any type of personal injury claim in Georgia or South Carolina, including premises liability and railroad injury lawsuits. We explore every viable defense strategy, raising arguments such as:

  • Contributory negligence: Was the injured party or a third party partly or wholly responsible for the accident?
  • Assumption of risk: Was the danger so obvious and avoidable that the plaintiff would have avoided it by exercising basic precautionary measures?
  • Preexisting injuries: Were the injuries present before the incident in question?

Every case is unique. We will scrutinize every available piece of evidence to determine if the accident occurred, how it occurred and to what extent, if any, our client is responsible for damages.

We are seasoned trial lawyers who are always prepared to stand up in court on behalf of our clients. We understand, however, that a swift and cost-efficient resolution is often favored and always strategize with our clients’ overall financial interests in mind.

Speak With An Experienced Trial Lawyer Today

If your business is facing a personal injury lawsuit or you see a potential claim on the horizon, our personal injury defense attorneys are here to protect your rights and interests. To arrange a legal consultation with an experienced lawyer in Augusta, Georgia, contact our law firm online or by telephone at [nap_phone id=”LOCAL-CT-NUMBER-2″].