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Commercial Real Estate Closings

Real estate is a significant investment for every business. While a well-handled real estate deal with a smooth closing could set up a business well for its future, a poorly handled purchase or lease could be extremely detrimental to any business’s future. It is critical for any successful business to work with an experienced legal team to protect their interests in real estate transactions.

At Fulcher Hagler LLP, our attorneys represent businesses in all types of real estate transactions and closings. We represent businesses in Augusta and throughout Georgia and South Carolina. We have been providing exceptional legal services since our founding in 1946, nearly 75 years ago. Our clients trust in our experience, our knowledge and our track record of successful representation.

Finding Real Estate Solutions

We help our clients with all phases of their real estate transactions and closings, including:

  • Clear title: Clear title is critical to a real estate transaction. Our attorneys do title searches and work to remove clouds from titles to make sure our clients’ transactions go through cleanly.
  • Zoning and land use: If the land you are considering is not properly zoned for your business’s intended use, the land will be of no value to you and you could face serious legal consequences for using the land contrary to how it is zoned. When needed, our attorneys work with the proper authorities to negotiate variances and find other solutions to make sure our clients can use the land they purchase or lease. We also work with our clients regarding the various environmental compliance issues that arise in the process.
  • Purchase and sale agreements: There are numerous complications involved with purchase agreements. Our attorneys bring decades of experience to negotiate and draft real estate contracts, walk our clients through the preparation and closings. We protect our clients’ interests throughout the process of purchases, sales and lease agreements.
  • Financing: Our attorneys work with clients in real estate financing. This includes bank loans, investments, mezzanine financing and any other means of obtaining appropriate financing for your business’s real estate need.

In addition to our representation of local businesses, we also handle real estate matters for academic and religious organizations throughout Georgia and South Carolina.

Contact A Real Estate Lawyer

Discuss your real estate needs with an experienced lawyer. Call 706-724-0171 or email us today. In nearly 75 years of legal service, we have become a premier real estate firm in Georgia and South Carolina.