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Fulcher Hagler offers the finest facilities available among law firms in Augusta and the Central Savannah River Area.  Our Conference Center overlooking the Savannah River has numerous meeting rooms, ranging from a sitting room useful for mediations, interviews, or other client-related meetings, to a large board room with seating for 20 or more.

Our facilities provide connectivity and security in one location.  We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology to offer enhanced media capabilities and telecommunication resources.  As a result, our clients have access to wireless internet and video conferencing, allowing them to communicate face-to-face with others around the globe from our offices.  At the same time, our firm’s primary work areas, including trial preparation rooms and central filing, are only accessible to authorized personnel.

Having up-to-date facilities does not mean we have forgotten our past.  Indeed, we strive to preserve our rich heritage with artwork and photography reflecting the local area’s history and culture.  The rooms at our Conference Center are named for people and places of special significance to Augusta and the CSRA.